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Paid To Click Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
AyuWage $3.00/per hour – $ 50.00/ per month Very Easy

One of the easiest ways to make money online in 20 seconds in 2018 with minimal effort is to view advertisements on PTC (Paid To click) sites. AyuWage is one of the highest paying PTC site that provide this value to its users, along with other benefits. These benefits include:
Multiple pay-out options
Pay-out bonuses
Video guides for new users here presents an in-depth analysis of viewing advertisements for money with AyuWage.

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

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UPDATE: As in Augest 2018, AyuWage is no longer supported by payza. The only two valid payout options are PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Home page

AyuWage Homepage Screenshot

The homepage may look simple at first but, it is actually very confusing to navigate. The homepage contains basic information such as the services they offer, various payment methods and the history of the company. There is also a news wall to keep current users up to date about the affairs of AyuWage.
New users will have to click the MEMBER LOGIN tab to get started.



AyuWage Registration Page Screenshot

AyuWage insists that they are different from other websites who requires personal information from users. AyuWage only asks for user’s emails that they use for payments. For some users this may be their personal email, for others, this could be a secondary email. AyuWage does not ask for user’s name, address, or any other demographic information.
This is particularly useful for persons who are skeptical of providing personal information to certain websites. Members will be insured of Privacy using this site.
Users will be congratulated once they have successfully registered.


AyuWage Login Page Screenshot

Users will need to click the MEMBER LOGIN to enter their username and password they have created.


AyuWage requires users to disable ad blocker before gaining access to the dashboard. This is because AyuWage requires users to view advertisements. I know this seems strange. I ran a virus scan on my computer after pausing ad-blocker just to be safe. So far, I do not have any problems.

Disable Ad-blocker Screenshot

The Dashboard has a very simplistic design to get users acquainted with its system. For new users who are having a hard time navigating the dashboard, AyuWage has a 9 Part video for guidance.

AyuWage Video Guide Screenshot

Start Making Money (AyuWage 2018)

Users can start earning money using AyuWage by clicking the Start Earning tab on the home page. AyuWage further provides a guide for users to get started viewing advertisements for money.

AyuWage Advertisement Screenshot

Get Paid to Watch Ads

AyuWage has four different options for users to view advertisement. View, Browse, Regular and Explore.
The first option I tried was the BROWSE PASSIVE SITE. The advertisement I viewed was in Spanish and about bitcoins. My Spanish is a bit rusty, so I randomly scrolled through the webpage in order to receive payment for this advertisement
AyuWage, unlike other PTC sites, do not have a loading bar to ensure that users view the contents of the page. Instead, users will receive a penalty if they continue to view multiple ads for less than 20 seconds.
Viewing advertisements on AyuWage pay-out more than other PTC sites which is usually 0.001 per advertisement. AyuWage pay-outs range depends on the options chosen to view advertisement. For example, the BROWSE PASSIVE SITE pay-out is $0.003 (6 credits) per ad, whereas, the Browse option pay-out is $0.015 (30 credits).

The second advertisement I viewed was an article about auto insurance in the BROWSE VIEW SITE option. It seems there is not a set theme for ads, this means users can enjoy a wide variety of topics to view.


Users can find the reward tab on the homepage
AyuWage requires a 10,000 ($5.00) credit minimum for users to cash out to PayPal,̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶1̶1̶5̶0̶0̶ ̶(̶a̶l̶s̶o̶,̶ ̶$̶5̶.̶0̶0̶)̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶i̶m̶u̶m̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶c̶a̶s̶h̶-̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶P̶a̶y̶z̶a̶.̶ ̶(Payza is no longer supported)We are unsure why there is a point difference for the same amount.
AyuWage provides 300 bonus credits to users who can gather 20,000 credits for a $10.00 pay-out. This is a great incentive to save up!

AyuWage Payment Options Screenshot (Note: Payza is no longer supported)

Conclusion (Highest paying site for viewing advertisements……so far.)

The simple task of viewing advertisement is expected to have low pay-outs. However, AyuWage has the highest pay-outs and many options to view different advertisements compared to other PTC sites listed on AyuWage commitment to user privacy and pay-out bonuses makes it a very attractive site for persons looking to make money from home online. will provide further updates of other ways to make money on AyuWage such as taking surveys and completing tasks!

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