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Get-Paid-To Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
GPTPlanet $0.50/per hour – $ 10.00/ per month Easy

Welcome to‘s first post about GPT (Get Paid To) sites, focusing on GPT sites are very similar to PTC (Paid To Click) sites. Users can view advertisements to make money, as well as, complete microtasks. It is very easy to make money using GPTPlanet, it takes minimal effort to earn your first cash-out. This stays true to the term, make money while sitting on the couch. However, the same problems that we found in PTC sites also plague GPT sites.
Continue reading below to find out what these problems are and receive an in-depth guide to earn using GPTPlanet.

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.


GPTPlanet Homepage Screenshot

The homepage of GPTPlanet displays a very straightforward plan for users to make money on their website. Register, Earn and Cash. Is it that simple? Users earn money by completing tasks such as viewing ads, completing microtasks and signing up for other GPT/PTC websites.
To begin registration users will have to click on the blue Registration tab


GPTPlanet Registration Screenshot

Users are only required to provide their full name and email address, and to create a username and password for general information. Not as intrusive as other sites.
GPTPlanet is unique in the way that they pay their users, that we haven’t seen yet on Gptplanet pays through several ways, depending on your preference. Users can be paid through Payza which is similar to PayPal, or if you are into cryptocurrency you can get paid in Litecoin or Bitcoin.

GPTPlanet Security Question

Once users have successfully registered for their account, they will need to create a security question and answer, before being brought to the dashboard.
There is not a need for email verification.


GPTPlanet Dashboard Screenshot

Users can view several statistics details about their account (account balance, advertising stats, referral stats etc.), as well as withdraw their payouts via the dashboard. There are also tabs at the top that show users how to earn using GPTPlanet.

Tasks view ads (A.K.A, make money while sitting on the couch)

The best thing about GPT and PTC is being able to make money watching ads, so obviously, this will be the first task I will try for the easy money. Not a lot of money……easy money.

GPTPlanet Advertisements Screenshot

Currently viewing advertisements under the VIEW ADS section is unavailable. I tried for a few days to see if this will change, it did not. I am still unable to view any advertisements……moving on.

Earn more, PTC Wall (actual, make money while sitting on the couch)

There is another option to view advertisement for money on GPTPlanet via the EARN MORE tab. Users will find the PTC wall option which has view advertisements tasks as well as other offers for users to try.
When users click view advertisement, a bar will appear to confirm that you are truly viewing the ad and when it is full users will receive the full payment listed.

GPTPlanet Ads Results

Offers 4 all (microtasks)

The second option I tried was micro-tasks. Users can find these tasks under the Offers 4 All option. However, similar to the first ads option, microtasks jobs are currently unavailable.
It seems that the jobs that were available were from more than a year ago

GPTPlanet Offers for All Page Screenshot

Feel like a broken record but….on to the next one!

PLE wall (Third times a charm).

The PLE WALL which is also located under the EARN MORE tab allows users to make money completing a certain task.
For example, this task below:

GPTPlanet PLE Wall Screenshot

This task was simple and easy to complete, took 10 minutes. However, the payout is extremely low. A literal penny.
At this point, my hope for making a lot of money with GPTPlanet is very low. There is one more option to make money on GPTPlanet .


GPTPlanet Paid To Signup Offers Screenshot

The final option for users to make money using GPTPlanet is through PTSU, (Pay To Sign Up). GPT planet will pay its user money to sign up for other PTC/GPT sites such as Neobux and ClixSense. Since I already signed up for these sites for the previous review, this option is of no use to me.
If you have not check out our reviews of these sites. Do it. And sign up through GPTPlanet to earn money!

Reward (How To Cash-out What I’ve Earned On The Couch)

GPTPlanet Rewards Screenshot

Cashing out using GPTPlanet is very simple. On the dashboard, users must click the withdraw option under the Global heading to cash-out.
GPT planet requires users to have a minimum of $1.00 to cash out. Users can send their earnings to the different options previously mentioned in this article.

Conclusion (Low work = low pay)

If you are looking to lay on the couch and complete random tasks and view ads for money, and don’t mind low pay-outs, then GPTPlanet is the right site for you. On the other hand, for users who rely on work at home sites to pay monthly bills, then GPTPlanet is not the answer. I was only able to accumulate less than fifty cents for one hour of work. Do not expect to earn more than 10 dollars a month, unless you are planning to use direct referrals.

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  1. Very good article for beginners. I like the chart on the homepage, really looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Eddy,

      Sorry for the slow reply, as we were waiting on GPTPlanet’s response. We encountered the exact same issue as you did BUT ONLY BECAUSE THIS IS THE SECOND TIME we tried to sign up on GPTPlanet using the same browser. If you clear your browser’s cache, the issue should be resolved.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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