Make Money Transcribing audio at home: Is Rev worth the time?

A real review on Rev


Transcription site Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
Rev $2.00/per hour – $ 140.00/ per month moderate has focused on traditional ways to make money from homes such as surveys or testing websites. This time we provide an alternative, make money transcribing audio at home with Rev. Users can also make money captioning videos or translating documents through Rev. Rev has a system where new users will have to work their way up to be promoted to Revv+, where you will obtain higher pay and more jobs. This means that Rev rewards users for completing good work. However, users often complain that Rev pay-outs are low, and the jobs are time-consuming. Typing speed and the ability to listen to difficult audio will determine your success at Rev.
Is Rev worth the time? Read on to find out!

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Sign up

The homepage before signing up displays the services that Rev offers. As mentioned before, Rev not only focuses on transcriptions but also captions and translations.
To get started the SIGN IN button is located at the top left corner of the homepage.

Rev Homepage Screenshot

On the next page, users will have the option to click the CREATE ACCOUNT button to sign up for a Rev account.

Rev Signup Page Screenshot

Signing up took seconds and there is no need for an email verification. Rev only requires personal information such as your name, email address and phone number to begin your journey of transcribing audio for money at home. There is also an option to enter the name of your company if you have one.

Rev Create Account Screenshot


The next step requires users to complete a practice quiz which consists of multiple-choice questions about grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as, a practice transcription. Almost feels like high school again…At this point, I am thinking if Rev is worth the time.
Upon completing the quiz, Rev states that I will receive an email within a week, stating whether I passed (start making money online) or failed (move on to another site.) I received this e-mail the very next day of completing the quiz.


Rev Dashboard Screenshot

Once you are qualified, you will be brought to this dashboard where you can complete your first transcription job to get users use to transcribing using the Rev software. Users are compensated $0.74 for completing this job.
Users must first read the other tutorials before taking this transcription job. After complete the training transcription Rev will begin to send out more transcription jobs that will pay higher than $0.74.


Rev Tutorial Page Screenshot

The reading portion of the tutorial consists of information about Rev (pay-out amount, hours of work, metrics, etc.), and understanding how to use Revs’ own transcription software. This took about 10 minutes. I know what you are thinking…it took me long to read. There are video tutorials to watch in there too.
Next up is the first paid transcription job you will complete.

Transcription #1

Rev Transcription#1 Screenshot

The first transcription job included a member of the REV team asking users to transcribe verbatim (word-for-word) what he was saying. This transcription took about 5 minutes to complete. However, as mentioned before, completing each transcription will depend on your typing speed and listening skills. This means that the completion time would vary between user’s abilities.
Once users have passed and scored a good rating, their job list will be filled with many different types of transcriptions to complete. For the past few days, I’ve had 5 jobs on my dashboard consistently.

Rev Job List Screenshot

Each audio file is different and is priced by difficulty. The easier it is to transcribe the lower the pay, consequently, the harder the audio is to transcribe the higher the pay-out will be.
When a user has completed a transcript on the list, there will be a bar on your dashboard showing your progress to upgrade your account.

Rev Upgrade Account Progress Bar Screenshot

The rewards section will describe why upgrading your account is important. I will give you a hint……whisper , more money.

Account upgrade and rewards

Rev Account Upgrade Screenshot

Users are usually paid $0.32 per minute, per transcription, but this figure varies depending on the audio file. It could be less or more. After completing 60-minutes of transcription and maintaining a good score, users will be paid 25% more per audio minute. Your score will also affect how many jobs you will receive. This gives users motivation to put in valuable time into Rev.
Rev grade user’s transcriptions within minutes of completion. I noticed that every time I completed a transcription that is graded well, I would receive a higher priced transcription. This further the evidence that Rev rewards users for good work.
Rev pays it users weekly via PayPal.

Conclusion (Is Rev worth your time ……great way to make money on your own time at home)

User’s abilities and reasons for making money at home will determine whether Rev is worth the time. The most important feature of Rev is that it gives users the ability to choose. Users can choose which files to transcribe, when to transcribe them and how many hours they want to put into each job. However, for new users who are labelled as rookies, will have a difficult time making a lot of money transcribing with Rev. Transcriptions does take some time to get used to and the pay-outs for easy jobs are usually no more than $3.00. But, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to upgrade your account you can make a decent amount of money per month. Rookies, do not expect to make a living from Rev, but the payout is good for some beer money. Beyond the rookie status, Rev can be a good source to pay of some bills at the end of the month. will provide an update when our account is upgraded to Revver to show the pay difference.

4 thoughts on “Make Money Transcribing audio at home: Is Rev worth the time?”

  1. Great article! I personally like something that you can use in everyday life it will not make you millionaire overnight but will make some profit and you can do this by buying a course that you can learn things on your own.

  2. Hi, I earn with rev by transcribing files, so basically you listen to an audio file and you type everything they say. Of course, this is after you pass the sign-up test. You get to choose which files you want to transcribe and each is worth different amounts. Oce you are finished you can submit it for payment. Rev payout weekly on every Monday. You will receive payments via Paypal.

    If you have more questions I can answer you here, I was confused at first too!

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