Step by step guide to making money on Toluna: Is it really worth it?

A real review on Toluna

Today in our review series on survey sites, we present you a step by step guide to making money on Toluna. The question that we are trying to answer here is: is Toluna really worth it?

Survey Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
Toluna $10~$25 per month Moderate

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Toluna allows users to make money by taking surveys, but this is not your run-of a-mill survey site. Toluna also sends a selected number of users physical products to test over a period of time, and let users provide feedback for money! Along with such innovation, and a simplistic style of finding surveys, it is no surprise that Toluna is an attractive site for persons looking to make money online. Is it worth it? This review will reveal whether it is or not.


Users can click on the Get Started icon located under their persuasive mission statement or the blue SIGN UP button to register for Toluna.

Toluna Homepage Screenshot

Users are then lead on a journey to enter personal details such as their name and email address by a well-drawn stick figure, which I have named Jim. This is done in eight easy steps:

Toluna Signup Process Screenshot

At the end of the process, users are required to verify their email address to continue to the dashboard. The verification e-mail took longer than usual to appear in my inbox. It took about 10 minutes. Upon verification, users will be prompted to complete their personal profile.

Toluna Profile Completion Screenshot

Users will have to give more personal information to complete their profiles. Having a complete profile increase users’ chances of qualifying for a survey to gain the most points.

Toluna Profile Survey Screenshot

I Gained *700 points for signing up and providing basic information, and it took less than 5 minutes! Already off to a great start!


Toluna Dashboard Screenshot

The dashboard displays different topics of interest for users to participate in a survey.
Users can complete profile surveys and will be rewarded for it. These surveys take 2-3 minutes to complete and pay-out 100 points each. Profile surveys ask personal information about certain topics such as the images below:

Toluna Survey Topics Screenshot

Survey #1

First Survey Questions Screenshot

For my first survey, I clicked the other option out of sheer curiosity. This particular survey asked about my recent purchases such as food products and car insurance. It took three (3) tries to qualify for this survey and took five (5) minutes to complete. I was rewarded with four hundred (400) points. Time for round #2!

Survey #2

Upon completing the first survey, Toluna indicated that it had a survey just for me… and for some reason, the survey was about recreational marijuana use! This survey took less than two (2) minutes, and I earned two hundred and forty (240) points.

Survey #3

Arriving quickly to my last hour of testing I finally qualified for a third test. It took 30 minutes and asked a series of questions about my online spending habits. At the end of this survey, I was not told how much points I was rewarded. However, I believe that I received two thousand five hundred (2,500) points for this survey.

When you have completed a survey, you will receive this notification:

Toluna Congratulation Window Screenshot

Okay, so I have earned a good number of points from surveys, now it is time to see If I can test any physical products.

Testing Products (Currently there are no products available for users to test at the moment)

Toluna Test Product Page Screenshot

This option is what sets Toluna apart from other survey sites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Toluna provides users a three-step process to test products, but it looks like they choose users at random. Unfortunately, as the title states, Toluna does not have any products to send users currently. This means that for now, users will only be able to participate in taking surveys.


Users can view their accumulated points under the YOUR ACCOUNT option. You will be able to view this option when you hover your mouse pointer over the profile picture icon, which is next to the magnify glass icon.

Toluna Account Page Screenshot

After two hours of taking surveys, I was able to make seven thousand and forty (7,040) points.

Toluna Rewards Screenshot

Users can cash out for different types of gift cards or via PayPal. However, users would only be able to cash out via PayPal in twenty-dollar ($20) increments.

Conclusion (Cool I made $10-$25 this month!)

So, is Toluna worth it? Depends on how much money you are looking to make. Toluna is a very ambitious and innovative survey site compared to its competitors. The quantity and quality of surveys, as well as, its option for users to test physical products for money makes Toluna very appealing. But under all this glitter, Toluna suffer the same roadblocks as every other survey site. The amount of money you can make will depend on how much surveys you qualify for, and how much each pays-out.
Toluna works, but you won’t make much money. A few gift cards a month is still cool though!

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