Can you make money on Userfeel

A real review on Userfeel

In this series, we focus on Testing Sites. Following our second post in this series on web-testing sites Enroll, we are here today to discover: can you make money on Userfeel?

Web-Testing Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
Userfeel N/A Moderate

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  • You can sign up for Userfeel on your smart devices(PC, tablets and smartphones)
  • Record testing experience of websites/products to help companies to improve
  • Awesome concept with nice setup, but do not have enough work for new users


Home page

Userfeel Homepage Screenshot

Similar to other web testing sites such as Usertesting, Userfeel first caters to users who wish to have their website tested. If you want to start testing websites and make money on Userfeel, you will have to select BECOME A TESTER.

Userfeel FAQ Page Screenshot

You would then be brought to this page which describes the basics of Userfeel:

  • Become a tester and earn $10 per test
  • Tests last 10-20 minutes

There is also a sample video that gives a visual of what Userfeel expects from testers and a Q&A (Question and Answer) for testers who may have more questions about Userfeel.
At the bottom of the Q&A, you would have to select ‘BECOME A TESTER’ again to continue to the registration process.


Userfeel requires you to provide personal demographic information, a PayPal e-mail (so you can make money testing websites) and all electronic devices you can use to test sites. This is pretty standard for most web testing sites. The only difference is that Userfeel asks its new users to describe in a short paragraph to ‘Tell us why you qualify as a tester’?

Userfeel Qualification Question Screenshot

Don’t worry, this section is not meant to be a university essay. It is a short answer question that assesses your experience with web-testing and interest in web-browsing and technology. Personally, I wrote about four (4) sentences for this section.
After Registration, you will be prompted to download the recording app on your device and then be taken to the dashboard.


You will be brought to this dashboard where you can view your sample test in the certification tab, set-up an external camera (if you have one), view available tests and test history, and finally, you can add extra demographic information to increase the amount of test available to you.
You will be able to find the sample/certification test under the certification tab. Users will have to complete this test in order to qualify for testing websites for money on Userfeel.

Userfeel Dashboard Screenshot

Sample test

The sample test is not paid, but it is very simple. The test I took, required users to look for particular items on a department store website such as a black carpet priced above $50.00. Users would then be asked about their experiences completing these tasks. The sample test took less than 10 minutes, and at the end, I was notified I will be contacted by email in several days
It took about five days for me to receive the confirmation email form from Userfeel. Once certified, your dashboard will display this page to ensure that you are a certified tester:

Userfeel Certification Screenshot


It has been about a month and two (2) weeks I have yet to receive a single test. It seems that Userfeel maybe focused on its current users when distributing tests. This means that to date I have not made any money on Userfeel. However, If you do complete a paying test, the only way to view your reward is through the test history option on the dashboard.
You can also view your overall rating, like Usertesting this rating also affects how many tests you will receive. The higher the rating the more tests you will receive, the lower the rating the fewer tests you will receive.
Similar to Usertesting you will be paid $10 for each test about one week after the test, which will then be sent to your PayPal account.

Userfeel Testing History Screenshot


Testing websites to make money on userfeel has the potential to boost your income every month depending on how many tests you receive and qualify for. But, it may be difficult for new users to obtain a test to make money on Userfeel. Until this point, our recorded earning stats for Userfeel is still sitting at zero. We do not recommend our users to start with Userfeel testing platform.

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