Can you make money on Neobux

A real review on Neobux

There are sources that claim that you can make a lot of money from using Neobux amongst other PTC(Paid to Click) sites. We here at conducted an in-depth analysis of Neobux to make sure that these claims are true.


Paid To Click Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
Neobux $3.00/per hour – $ 84.00/ per month Easy

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.


  • Tasks are simple and quick to finish
  • Multiple earning options (surveys, click advertisements, complete offers)
  • Users can cash out to multiple online payment systems
  • Opportunity for users to easily upgrade membership and earn more


  • Pay-out is low
  • Neobux does not support PayPal


Neobux Registration Page Screenshot

Neobux immediately promotes that users can make money viewing advertisements. To begin this experience, users have to click register now and will be asked to provide basic information.

Neobux Signin Info Screenshot

Users will have to validate their email. I did not immediately receive the validation email in my inbox, so I checked the junk section of my email address, and there it was. After validating your email, users will finally be brought to their dashboard.


Neobux Dashboard Screenshot

At the dashboard, users can view their task statistics, account balance and select the different ways to make money on Neobux. Currently, there are four (4) ways users can make money on Neobux:

  • Viewing advertisements
  • Playing games
  • Completing offers
  • Surveys

First task

The first task I had to try was the promoted ‘view advertisements for money.’ Users can view a certain number of advertisement per day. The first day I was given fifteen (15) advertisements to view, the second day I got sixteen (16).
Below are the examples of advertisements user can click on:

Neobux Advertisements Screenshot

Neobux has developed a red button system where each advertisement has a different dot placement. Users would have to make sure that they click within the red dot to view the advertisement. This is used to ensure bots are not being used to view advertisements.
When clicked advertisements are opened on a new tab on your browser. Users are also unable to open multiple advertisements at one time. If you do, it will result in an error and will not pay-out. However, users can go back and re-click the advertisement and receive payment if viewed by itself.

Neobux Red Dot Screenshot

Users will not receive payment until the ‘O’ in Neobux logo has turned green at the top of the advertisement:

Neobux Loading Sign Screenshot
Neobux Loading Complete Screenshot

Viewing a survey only takes a few seconds, and pay-outs are very low. Neobux pays $0.0001 per advertisement.
After clicking all of the advertisements for **two days **(2), I made a sizeable amount of $0.0031. Not much money but, not much time and effort put into this task either. Let’s move on to the second task

Second task (Drumroll………Surveys!)

Neobux Surveys Screenshot

For the first time in history I qualified for the very first survey I tried! The first survey stated that it would take 20-25 minutes, it actually took 10 minutes! I received $1.26, and it appeared on my account immediately. That is more money than other surveys usually pay-out.
I did not qualify for the other two surveys, but the sites that Neobux outsources too gives users an option to keep trying to qualify until you are able to complete one.
So far Neobux is performing better than other work at home sites discussed here, let’s see if this can keep on going. Time for the third task!

Third Task

Similar to ClixSense, Neobux also has offers that involve testing websites and completing tasks. I was able to complete the exact test on the same site as previously tested on ClixSense.
For those who do not remember the website tested, it was about travel and viewing hotels. This task only took a few seconds to complete.

Neobux Tasks Screenshot

Despite the message at the bottom, the reward appeared immediately on my account. I was rewarded with 117 coins which are equal to $0.0117.


For the first 15 minutes of work, I made $1.26. Users can request payment when they have reached a minimum of $2.00.
Similar to ClixSense users will not be able to cash-out via PayPal. Instead, these other sites would have to be used:

Neobux Payment Options Screenshot

Neobux has two different accounts, Standard and Golden. Completing 50 advertisements and waiting 15 days after registering will allow users to upgrade to a Golden account. This is similar to the ClixSense premium account where users can earn more money with a Golden account than a standard account. The amount is not vastly changed but, it does make a difference in the end. However, users will have to shell out $90 or 30,000 points to upgrade their account to a Golden membership…Save up!

Neobux Golden Option Screenshot

Conclusion (Can you make money on Neobux…Yes.)

The task on Neobux is simple, less time consuming than others and pays-out a reasonable amount. The different ways of earning money on Neobux can keep users busy for a certain amount of time. However, I often found myself unable to qualify for tasks after using Neobux for less than an hour. Users will not make a lot of money per month, but Neobux is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to earn a few dollars.

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  1. Hi to everyone , since I am actually keen of reading
    this blog’s post to be updated regularly. It carries good material.

  2. That is a really nice conclusion. It is very thoughtful. I am now starting my neobux journey and I will inform you later if I will make a money or not. Please also do try this I earn a lot money better. I suggest it to you so that you can do some reviews about this. Thank you and Best Regards

    1. Hi Jejomar,
      Thanks for your support and suggestion. However, upon a quick glance at the link you provided, we are 100% certain that the link is a scam. We understand exactly how these types of sites work(and why you are sharing it). If you haven’t realized it, we advise you to stay away from those sites asap; if you are aware of what you are doing, then please stop sharing links like that.

    1. Hi Iyanubest,

      We just checked to confirm that Android registration works fine. The amount of work, however, is likely to be small. With reasonable time investment, you should be able to reach $3 per hour pretty quickly.

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