How much can I earn from using ClixSense?

A real review on ClixSense


ClixSense claims to be the most trusted PTC (Paid To Click) website. PTC websites act as a middleman between advertisers and consumers, providing ads, offers, and tasks for users to participate in.
Ever wondered how much you can earn from using ClixSense? Today provides an in-depth analysis of ClixSense in this series focusing on PTC sites.

Paid To Click Sites Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
ClixSense $1.00/per hour – $ 45.00/ per month Easy

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

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  • Multiple earning options (surveys, watch videos, complete offers, etc.
  • Users can cash out to multiple online payment systems (Payza, Payoneer, Skrill)
  • Free access to premium membership


  • ClixSense outsource, some sites do not pay out for user’s completed tasks
  • ClixSense is not compatible with PayPal
  • Low pay-out and time consuming


ClixSense registration page gives a brief overview of its website and how users can make money. User can complete multiple tasks to earn money using ClixSense

clixsense signup page screenshot

Users are only required to provide their full name, e-mail address, password and to create a username. This may seem less intrusive than most work at home sites, but you will have to give more personal demographic information later.
Users are required to click Join Now and validate their email address to start earning money using ClixSense.


Before you can access your dashboard, this pop-up notification is displayed:

ClixSense dashboard notification screenshot

According to this message, users can upgrade to a premium membership by clicking advertisements and referring (annoy) your friends to join ClixSense, or sign-on to ClixSense every day for the rest of your life.
Premium membership grants users’ a bonus every time they complete a task. It will take users quite some time to claim this premium membership, it is good for users who plan to use this site to earn money at home.
Finally, after clicking close you will be brought to your dashboard:

ClixSense Dashboard Screenshot

Users can view all the tasks that are available to earn rewards/money and the tasks they need to complete to earn bonuses.

ClixSense Daily checklist bonus screenshot

To ease my way into ClixSense I completed a task that we are all familiar with here at…surveys!

First Task

ClixSenseoutsourcese their surveys from many companies. This means that users have multiple opportunities to sign up for different types of surveys. Users can complete as many surveys as they are qualified for.

ClixSense Survey List Screenshot

I received a new survey notification every 20 minutes from the ClixSense google extension that I installed on Chrome. (Encouragement to earn from PTC sites).
The red flags at the top, next to the survey names indicates the surveys that I tried to qualify for. Out of ten (10) surveys I only qualified for one survey.
This survey was very simple, took 10 minutes and paid $1.55. That’s more than most surveys pay out on other sites mentioned here, so not bad! Hope I can keep this up…

Second task

My second attempt at taking a survey did not go as well as the first. I qualified for another survey after five tries. I was taken to to complete a survey that should take 6 minutes to complete. After 10 minutes of completing the survey I received this notification:

ClixSense Failed Survey Screenshot

It seems I was tricked into completing a survey that had already met its’ quota. Oh well…moving on.

Third Task

I decided to complete offers to earn money. It is separated into four different categories, Free, Shopping, Sign-ups and Videos.

ClixSense Offer List Screenshot

For the first offer I watched two videos for $0.01. The money showed up on my account easily and each video was 45 seconds. A little money, but easy money.
The second offer I attempted was also simple, I just had to test a travel site which asked me to search a destination and click on one of the view hotel details. I received 12 Clixcents for this task.
The third offer attempted was under the free tab which means that I am not supposed to pay anything to receive this reward. I was told to sign-up using the usual details to receive a $25 gift card from Burger King.
After providing burger king basic personal information I was told I won’t receive this reward unless I completed a silver task which included to buy a product. This was very misleading and deceptive. Moreover, I wasn’t taken to a Burger King site, I was taken to an unknown site that they claim Burger King was affiliated with. I did not feel comfortable giving out personal information in this fashion.


I have used ClixSense for about a week and I have managed to accumulate $2.74 in total. If you qualify for more offers and surveys, you can earn $2-5 dollars daily.
For tasks such as survey, it shows how much money you will make if it is completed, whereas, other tasks will reward you with Clickcents. One Clixcents = 1 cent.
There are multiple online payment sites you can redeem your reward, unfortunately, PayPal is not one of them. Apparently, ClixSense has lost business with PayPal. There is an explanation of this on the FAQ page when you click more on your dashboard.
Currently, you can redeem your rewards on these following sites:

ClixSense Method of Payment Screenshot

There are pros and cons depending on which company you choose to use. The chart below provides details of this:

ClixSense Cashout Details Screenshot


ClixSense has many sources to earn money online and are legitimate. However, faulty surveys, unreliable reward system and low pay-outs greatly overshadow this benefit. You can make some money from home using ClixSense depending how much time you want to put into this PTC site. On average the payout is $1 per hour or around $45 per month if you work at a reasonable pace.
Look forward to an update and explanation about CrowdFlower on ClixSense. (Currently it is not working).

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  1. very very nice post for a beginner like me. i didn’t have any idea about the subject but now i understand the basics. though i can’t understand enough to stay in long time in 1 site, I still want to see more!

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