How to make money testing websites on Enroll

A real review on Enroll

Following our first post on web-testing sites, we present you an in-depth analysis on how to make money by testing websites on Enroll:

Web-Testing Site Estimated Income Registration Difficulty
Enroll $0.20/per hour – $ 1.00/ per month Moderate

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.


  • You can sign up for Enroll on your computer (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or iPad), and cell phone (Android or iOS)
  • Shape the web by providing useful critiques that companies actually take into consideration about their products
  • Tests are short and easy to complete but the payout is extremely low


Registration (Start to make money testing websites on Enroll)


Enroll homepage screenshot

“Help make the web a better place” is the mission statement of Enroll. Enroll is another site where you can make money testing new websites before it is released to the public. You can also download the Enroll app on your mobile phone (Android, iOS) or tablet (Android, iPad) for on the go.
To register for Enroll users would have to click ‘Enroll Now’ on the homepage, and enter an email address and a super-secret password.


Enroll login screenshot

After registering and confirming your email address, you will have to provide the following information to ensure that Enroll sends relevant tests to your account:
Select your testing Preferences, mobile, tablet, and Desktop, computer expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), time spent on the internet (Hours/Day), Location, gender, age, level of education, yearly income, profession, three hobbies and your PayPal e-mail.
After providing most of your personal information, you will be brought to a simple user-friendly dashboard.

Dashboard for Testing Websites

Enroll dashboard screenshot

There is a poll at the bottom of the dashboard that asks random questions. These polls should increase your chances of receiving a test depending on how you answered. Emphasis on should
Through the dashboard, you can view test that is available, the test that you have already completed, the amount of money you have accumulated and your personal profile information.

Sample Test of Enroll

Enroll is a bit different from other web testing sites such as UserTesting. The Enroll test is extremely easy to complete, do not require audio feedback, and are significantly short. The sample test I took consisted of questions such as:

Enroll sample test screenshot

This sample test, in particular, took less than a minute to complete.
The reasons for the sample test is simply for users to become accustomed to testing websites in this fashion. Sample test does not determine if you will receive membership, unlike UserTesting. This makes it simple for everyone to sign up for Enroll.
Onwards to the first actual test!

First Test on Enroll

There is not much to say about the first actual test I took from Enroll. I received an email notification that there is a test that matches my demographic. It was very similar to the sample test. It took less than a minute to complete and only asked a few questions regarding the look of the webpage provided. The only difference was at the end of the test I was required to provide demographic information such as age, gender, and income level.

Reward (How much money can you make testing websites on Enroll)

As expected completing such a simple test did not yield a great reward.
For the first test, I received a whopping $0.10! I also received an achievement and a badge which yielded another $0.10! There is an achievements bar that rises for every test that you complete.


Enroll rewards screenshot

Enroll pays its users monthly, you will need a minimum of $1.00 by each pay-out date. The indicated date of payment is displayed on the dashboard under the financials tab. Here you can also check your balance and payment history.


Enroll financial page screenshot


I have used Enroll for almost a month now and the image above shows the total amount of money I have made. That’s right…$0.20. That is not nearly enough to even cash-out. I have completed countless polls and I have yet to receive another notification for a test. Even if I did complete another test the payout is way too low. There are surveys listed on this blog that pays out more than Enroll! Enroll is not a great way to make money online.

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  2. Thank you for your review. I was about to join after watching a you tube video endorsing it. Your review has saved me hours of checking back and false hopes of making good money. Not to mention hours of wasted time. You’re the best!

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