Is it worth it to make money from UserTesting

A real review on UserTesting

Following our first series on surveys, we present you an in-depth analysis on how to make money from user testing:

Web Testing SiteEstimated IncomeRegistration Difficulty
UserTestingUp to $200 or more per monthModerate



Why UserTesting is legit:

  • You can sign up for UserTesting on your computer (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or Ipad), and cell phone (Android or iOS)
  • Shape the web by providing useful critiques that companies actual takes into consideration about their product
  • One of the most consistent and less-time-consuming ways to make money online!


The UserTesting homepage firstly caters to persons who wish to have their websites tested by users. If you want to sign up to start making money from UserTesting you would have to click the GET PAID TO TEST button.


UserTesting homepage screenshot

For the first step, UserTesting asks for your email address and accept that you read their terms and agreements because everyone does that.
Already you can see the simple set-up of UserTesting being advertised:

  1. Visit Website or an app
  2. Complete task by speaking your thoughts out loud
  3. Get Paid $10 per test

There is even a 2-minute video to visually walk you through the whole process! The video is located at the bottom of this screen. Once you have provided your email and accepted the terms and condition you will be sent a verification email to complete your application. At this point, you have completed your registration process and should have taken less than a minute to complete.

UserTesting sign-up screenshot

First Test (How to make money through testing websites?)

UserTesting will prompt you to download their screen recorder. Don’t worry they only spy on you a little! The reason for this recording is so they can see how users interact with the website that they are testing. This gives UserTesting not only audio but visual feedback.
UserTesting doesn’t let everyone join their site, you first would have to complete a sample video test that should take up to five minutes to complete. Don’t worry, the sample test is straightforward, and the tasks are very easy to follow.
First, a video was played showing me how to make money from UserTesting by providing a few tips. You would have to pay attention because after the video there is a three-question quiz that is multiple choice. UserTesting just wants to make sure that you know what you are doing while taking a test.
After the quiz, I had to test a Smithsonian website. I am not sure if it will be the same website for everyone, but it took 5 minutes (7 steps) to complete.
At the end of the test, UserTesting will indicate that they will assess your practice test and contact you in a few days.
A few days later

Frequency of Tests (How often can I qualify for a test on UserTesting?)

Once all is said and done you will have access to your dashboard:

UserTesting Dashboard Screenshot

The frequency of available test is hard to predict. Usually, I would receive two to five tests per day(not all qualified, explained below). Each test usually takes you 15-20 minutes, you have to make sure your time aligns with this or you may not get paid. You must make sure that your rating is always four starts and above. This also determines how many tests you will receive.
Like every other work at home sites, such as surveys, you will have to go through a qualification process to see if you are the best fit for a test. UserTesting is no exception when it comes to the difficulty of qualifying for tests. You may receive two – five tests per day but only qualify for one test per day. However, once you are able to qualify, the reward is worth the overall time spent including the test you did not qualify.
Below you can view the amount of test and dates I was able to qualify for:

UserTesting completed test page screenshot

It seems that UserTesting tries to push out as many tests as possible, that is not too difficult to qualify for.

Reward (How do I get paid and how long do I have to wait till I get my money)?

In the week that I wrote this post, I was able to make $60.00 and I made $50.00 the week before!
UserTesting pays $10.00 for each test, apart from a live test, which usually pays $30.00. This is done via PayPal once you have provided this information. This means you will make money testing websites, instead of receiving gift cards.
UserTesting pays its user on a weekly basis. You will be paid that following week on the day and time you completed each test. If you completed three tests on Monday between 12-5 pm you will be paid that following Monday at that time.
I know some people like to have their money up front and immediately but, this allows you to stack up then cash out all at once. I prefer to wait a week to cash out $100.00 instead of cashing out $2-5 dollars at a time such as a survey.
The best part for those who are not living in the US, UserTesting pays you in US dollars, this means you can also take advantage of the exchange rate!


UserTesting is one of the best methods for working at home. Whether you are a work at home mom, a university student, unemployed, or simply looking for another source of income online, UserTesting is the right choice to achieve $250 or more a month. The registration for UserTesting is easy, the qualifying test is often not too hard to complete. The Simple interface and good customer support service further increase the favourability of UserTesting.

5 thoughts on “Is it worth it to make money from UserTesting”

  1. Great article! This really helped me get started with UserTesting and to figure out how to get through the registration – I did have some issues getting through the registration test since the screen recorder did not work with CleanMyMac and Magnet Mac apps, which I had, but I got through it!

    I had a fun time doing some test over the weekend and ended up making a few buck! Looking forward to testing more sites!

    1. Hello Kolton, glad to hear that Usertesting is working great for you so far! Did you figure out what the issues were? We would be happy to hear more about, there may be others who experience the same issue!

    1. Hi Cecilia,

      We just checked the UserTesting platform, and the registration process is still the exactly the same as we introduced in the register section of the post. Please let us know if you have any further questions?

  2. Great article with nice details on the usertesting process. Seems like there are a lot of sites out there these days, like userbob, trymyui, etc. I found another one the other day called It’s a little nice in some ways as you don’t have to take a qualifying test first. However, that way it works is you “sell” your user test videos, so the person requesting the test may choose not to buy it. But there’s also more flexibility – some tests may be shorter, or the person requesting may not need audio on the video, etc.

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