Is it worth it to make money from survey sites? (3)

A real review on American Consumer Opinion, iPoll & OneOpinion

Following our second post in this series on Pinecone Research, SurveyJunkie and DollarClix, we present you our next in-depth analysis on:

Survey SitesEstimated IncomeRegistration Difficulty
American Consumer Opinion$10 Every Few MonthsEasy
iPoll$2.00 Per HourModerate
OneOpinion15 Cents Per HourVery Easy

If you ask Google questions like “can you really make money from online survey sites?”, what you will get are most likely answers from bloggers who get paid to promote survey sites that they never even tried before.
Yes, most of those popular survey sites out there do pay, and it is possible to make few hundred dollars extra a month. But for how much of your time? How difficult/stressful is it to fill out those surveys? These are the type of questions that everyone tries to ignore.
This blog series is dedicated to diving into some of the most popular survey sites to discover if it is worth it to make money from survey sites.

Our goal is to make sure that you have more and more options to boost your income by working at home.

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.

Note: This post contains many images, please be advised if you are using mobile data to view this post

American Consumer Opinion


American Consumer Opinion promises that your participation in their survey will do the following things:

  • Make Your Opinions Count
  • Earn you Money (Income boost)
  • Give you the ability to Evaluate New Products
  • Allow you to test new advertising
  • Sign up for membership…… F-R-E-E,
American Consumer Opinion Register Page Screenshot


The register process was quite smooth and easy. It took me 3-minutes short to sign-up with basic information, and the confirmation email arrived almost instantly, completely hassle-free.
Upon registering, you are lead to your dashboard, where you can easily see your first survey is available. Alright, let’s get started!

American Consumer Opinion Dashboard Screenshot

First Survey

The first survey took me 5 minutes to complete, it just gathers household information about you, very simple to complete. As expected, 5 minutes of a survey will not yield a big reward. I was rewarded 5 points, which is equivalent to 5 cents. Oh well, still a start, right?

American Consumer Opinion Cash Out Screenshot

The minimum amount of cashing out is 1000 points, ($10 USD). If I kept on making 5 points it would take ages to cash out. I did not have another survey to complete, so I did what any good work at home income booster would do… check the comments to see if anyone had made good money or cashed out quickly completing these surveys. Apparently, this was not the case. According to other users who have completed their surveys, American consumer opinion SUCKS at paying its users. You can view their frustration and agony below:

American Consumer Opinion Comments Screenshot


American Consumer Opinion does not share the same vision as All those smiles on the American Consumer Opinion homepage would turn into frowns if they knew how difficult it is to make money using this site. On average you can make $10 every few months. It is safe to say that American Consumer Opinion is NOT a viable site for taking surveys and making even minimal amounts of money.



The registration process is a bit different from your typical survey site, in a good way. You will have to download the mobile app (Android and iOS) to login on your personal computer. They do this, so you can also complete surveys on the go using your mobile device. You can make money while waiting in line for your doctor appointment or taking a break from angry birds while in the bathroom!

iPoll Home Page Screenshot

I clicked on GetGoing! and was redirected to the option to download for mobile. Using an Android device, it is simple to find and download the app in the Google Play Store. When I signed up I was asked for basic information, your name, email address, home address, and a few personal questions such as your employment status, occupation, income, and ethnicity. The whole process took less than 5minutes!
I was then presented with an easy to use interface once I had logged in and confirmed my email address:

iPoll User Interface Screenshot


I know what you may be thinking, “there are three ‘take a survey’ buttons on the homepage”. I did not know which button to click at first, so I clicked the ‘take a survey under Survey opportunities’. I was then redirected to a survey that asked for basic information such as employment and income to see if I qualified for a survey. After five tries and failure, I realized that this was not working to qualify for a paying survey, so I tried clicking on the ‘take a survey’ under ‘Your earnings’ :

iPoll First Survey Screenshot

This option allowed me to choose as many options that applied to my situation, which I’m guessing increase your chances of qualifying for a survey. For this survey, I did qualify for a 10-minute survey that paid out $0.50.

iPoll 50 Cents for 10 Minutes

This particular survey asked questions about my clothing purchases, it did take 10 minutes as stated and I received my reward instantly. The questions can be repetitive, but the survey did not take long, and you don’t have to be too careful when answering questions. I have yet to encounter a penalty for completing a survey too quickly in most instances.


iPoll has three different options to cash out your rewards. Once you have reached the goal of hoarding $25 on your account you can cash out through PayPal, Amazon, or iTunes.

iPoll Rewards Screenshot


So, far so good, surveys do not take long to finish at all and money is instant. However, like other survey sites how many surveys you will be qualified to take over a certain period of time is another story. A Sad give and take relationship story.
Below is my survey history where I was able to make $2.50:

iPoll Survey Status Screenshot

As you can see I was able to qualify and complete 4 surveys. But, for every survey you are not qualified for you will be given +1 prize draw for an opportunity to win $1,250 every quarter.

iPoll Quarterly Prize Draw

So, I guess that is something at least for your time, but unless you are very lucky or possess a high ability to qualify for surveys you cannot make $250 a month using iPoll. You can boost your income by a $10 Dollars every month.

One Opinion


Registration took 1:30 (one minute and thirty seconds). That is a long time. The reason for this is they would ask many questions about your personal information. I was not compensated for giving out this information unlike SurveyJunkie, so there was no reward at the end of this process. Once all is said and done, you will be guided to a dashboard.

One Opinion Registering Screenshot

Surely, if the registration process is this lengthy, the reward should be great! I was really looking forward to completing the first survey.

First Survey

The first test after answering some personal question was estimated for 20 minutes and will give you 15,000 points. Ultimately you will need 25,000 to cash out. Therefore, 15,000 points for 20 minutes is a good deal!
Sadly, after answering the qualification questions I received this notice:

One Opinion First Attempt Screenshot

Usually, after registering, sites allow their users to complete their first. I waited an entire night and added more personal information to see if there was a test I can complete. To no avail, I was unable to complete a single test. I was compensated 50 points for my time.
Some personal information questions instruct you to choose multiple answers, but would often result in this notification:

One Opinion Error Page Screenshot

This means I would have to wait a whole day to qualify for a next survey. The fact that you are unable to complete any surveys along with the errors arising from following directions is absurd.


OneOpinion allows its user to redeem virtual gift cards to transfer funds to PayPal. There is an option for physical gift cards, however; the physical gifts appear to be not available at this time.

One Opinion Rewards Screenshot


One opinion lengthy registration and difficult qualification for surveys is a massive hindrance to boosting your income. In short, OneOpinion is not worth the amount time and effort you would have to put in in order gain points let alone make a few dollars a month.

Final thoughts

iPoll seems to be the best option out of three survey sites in terms of being able to maximize time and profits. The iPoll survey site is also the simplest site to use, the only drawback is that there are not different survey options like you would have with sites such as Swagbucks. However, I found iPoll to be the most consistent and reliable survey site I had ever used. American Consumer Opinion would receive the benefit of the doubt if they actually paid their users on time. It would be very difficult to predict how much money you can make per month using American Consumer Opinion. Finally, OneOpinion is just a mess. Immediately, you are unable to complete the very first survey that was supposed to give a light of hope.

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