Is it worth it to make money from survey sites? (2)

A real review on PineconeResearch, SurveyJunkie & DollarClix

Following our first post in this series on PointClub, Swagbucks and VIP Voice, we present you our next in-depth analysis on:

Survey SiteEstimated IncomeRegistration Difficulty
PineconeResearchNot Accepting New UsersVery Difficult
SurveyJunkie$5.00/ per hourVery easy
DollarClix$2-5/per dayVery Easy

Ever wondered if making $250 a month while watching TV is too good to be true?

This blog series is dedicated to diving into some of the most popular survey sites to discover if it is worth it to make money from survey sites. In other words, it has all the answers you need to understand the question above.

Our goal is to make sure that you have more and more options to boost your income by working at home. In this post You will discover:

  • How to register and get set up for these survey sites
  • If you can make a decent income using these sites
  • How difficult it is to use these sites and if it is worth your time

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.

Note: This post contains many images, please be advised if you are using mobile data to view this post

Pinecone Research

PineconeResearch Banner Screenshot


Pinecone Research is yet another site where you earn points for every completed survey. For completed surveys, you can look forward to, redeeming points for cash or prizes, along with a look into future products before they hit the market and even influence which products make it to the stores!


Signing up for Pinecone was difficult because, THERE IS NO REGISTER BUTTON! I’m not joking. I had to google ‘Pinecone Research Sign up’ and find the signup link. Although this may seem like an easy fix, this was the beginning of the issues with registration. I double checked the link address and verified that it is actually a signup page for Pinecone Research.
Why is there no signup button on the main page? I’m just as confused as you, maybe that’s their way of filtering out some potentially less dedicated users?

After 10 seconds of registering, you will receive a confirmation email, where you will be given a UserID, you will have to copy that and click on the link to proceed the next registration phase…BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE. You will then receive ANOTHER CONFIRMATION EMAIL (WAT?) to create a password.

“Could there be another confirmation email?” you might be wondering. Congratulations, you nailed it. At this point, I am beyond confused as to why this process is so complexed. I have been sent THREE confirmation emails. This time, after signing a user agreement, you will be redirected to a new page to complete your household information. FINALLY!

Pinecone Research Information Page Screenshot
PineconeResearch Household Info Screenshot

It took 30 minutes for the entire registration process, in the end, you are given a thank you message and that seems to be it. Phew!

PineconeResearch End-of-Household Questions Screenshot

BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE, you heard right, more. I went back to the main page, entered my userID and password, and this is what I see.

PineconeResearch Login Fail Screenshot

I went ahead and reset my password, the same error occurs. After multiple tries and banging my head against the wall, I decided to keep the little sanity I had left and marked this experience as a Fail.


Pinecone Research has a very complex (and potentially insecure) registration process. Literally unable to log in right after I completed their profile information survey. Not legit right now, do not try.

Survey Junkie


Sign up literally took 10 seconds, only requiring an email address, birth date, location, username and password in five easy steps! There is also the option of importing your information through Facebook or Google+ which is faster and simpler.
I received 25 pts for just signing up and 50 points for additional information in 16 steps (50 seconds). Earned another 25 pts for email confirmation and another 5 points for taking a five-step tour through the interface (20 seconds). Basically, you earn points for doing things you would normally do anyway! WIN-WIN!

SurveyJunkie Point System Screenshot

That’s already $1.05 USD for just basically signing up and completing a task that took less than 5 minutes!

SurveyJunkie Profile Information Screenshot

Survey Junky furthered the goal of boosting my income by completing personal details to receive additional points in 12 -16 steps (15 minutes altogether). I managed to accumulate:

SurveyJunkie First Survey Completion Screenshot

So far so good! It has been less than thirty minutes and I am already making money with no stress in little time. Fast money? or am I celebrating too soon, remember I haven’t completed a legit survey yet.

First survey

I decided to take the survey that could be accomplished in the lowest amount of time which was 9 minutes to test the water. I got a notification that this survey has filled up and I got 2 pts. Okay..on to the next one (hopefully this does not start a pattern).

Second survey

I clicked on another survey that indicated that it will take 10 minutes to complete. When I clicked the survey, it took me to another page which then indicated that the survey will take 25-27 minutes. Hmm…Sneaky. Oh well, this time I was able to complete it, so I gave it a shot anyway.

The survey took 25 minutes, asked basically the same questions over and over again about cell phone and internet providers which felt very repetitive and boring. It was not difficult at all but dragged on. I received 65 points (65 cents). Currently, at 233 pts ($2.33), you need 1000 points to redeem 10$ USD. I received the points immediately after completing a survey, no delay.

SurveyJunkie Total Points After Two Surveys


How much money you can make hourly will vary based on which surveys you qualify for and how much each would pay out. However, it did take 25 minutes to make 65 cents in my second survey. Also, the amount of time can be deceptive since survey junky thrives from third-party surveys. Therefore, take the information that is presented to you with a grain of salt, but you can make some decent money using survey junky if you’re willing to put in the time.



It took seconds to sign up with DollarClix, like other sites you’re only asked for basic information such as your name, email address, and create a password. Then you just simply verify your email address. Easy, Peasy.

At the home page, there are several types of surveys you can partake in. The first I tried was a daily survey which indicated this instruction:

DollarClix Daily Survey Instructions Screenshot

There are multiple out-sourced surveys such as peanut labs (like Swagbucks) and Sayso rewards. I completed the Sayso reward first because it offers the highest reward of 175 points, in the shortest amount of time. Upon failure to qualify for the survey, I tried another, and another, and another:

DollarClix Survey List Screenshot

Literally, none of the surveys worked. I would only answer questions about my demographic and at the beginning, it would say congratulations this survey will take 20-25 minutes. Then it would ask the same question about my demographics such as age and income but this time it would ask one personal question such as “Do you rent or own your home”. Then the next slide would say unfortunately you did not qualify for this survey…WHAT!? This happened constantly, survey after survey, after survey. It seems like they are just trying to get information out of you without rewarding you.

DollarClix Reward System


When you do manage to complete a survey…if that happens, you can convert your points into cash. As you can see 1-point equals 1 cent. I have been looking for surveys for about 40 minutes and have accomplished none.
I only received ten points for signing up. There was a chat box and I noticed that persons where cashing out no higher than $16.00 at a time. I feel like this is the norm. This is good for some lunch money, but you cannot make enough to pay any sort of bills or even grocery from this. I do not recommend using this site to effectively boost your income.

Final Thoughts:

Pinecone research and Dollarclix do not function properly and may not be worth the stress and headache. On the other hand, SurveyJunkie seems more promising than the other sites, but be prepared for deceptive tactics to get you to complete lengthy surveys for less money. Overall, for now, we still call ‘$250 a month while watching TV’ BS.

Follow up on our next post in this series on American Consumer Opinion, One Opinion and iPoll, and see if those sites make more sense than the ones we tried so far.

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