Is it worth it to make money from survey sites? (1)

A real review on PointClub, Swagbucks &VIP Voice

Here are our findings of the first three survey sites (click on the name to jump to each section):

Survey SiteEstimated IncomeRegistration Difficulty
PointClub$0.00Very Easy
Swagbucks$1.00 per hour (gift card)Moderate
VIP VoiceNot Accepting New UsersDifficult

When people think about making money online from home, survey is always one of the few top options that came to mind.

Make $250 easily a month by filling out surveys, while watching TV.

The problem with most of the blog advertisers that promote survey sites is that they never tell you how much time is needed to actually make that $250.

Therefore, we decided to dive into some of the most popular survey sites to discover if it is worth it to make money from survey sites——

  • If so, which sites are the best to make your money worth?
  • If not, what is the problem?

Note: We check and update our findings on a monthly basis to keep our readers up to date.

Note: We have absolutely no connection with (or sponsored by) any individual or companies in this industry.

Note: This post contains many images, please be advised if you are using mobile data to view this post

Point Club


The register process took literally 10 seconds, since you only need an email address and a password to sign up.

point club register screenshot

Upon signing up, I had to complete a series of onboarding tasks, which basically asks me to complete my profile information, my geographic etc. The on-boarding process took me 15 minutes and I was rewarded with 5000 points (equivalent to $5 USD value).

Once I finished the onboarding process, a big list of survey opportunities was presented to me, each with rewards and estimated time clearly stated.

point club survey launcher screenshot

In theory, you can earn $6 per hour on average, just by clicking and filling out surveys while watching TV, or is this too good to be true?

Highly gamified experience and rewards

Point Club is all about gamification design, you have quests, points, progress bar and even a level system!
You can log in every day to level up and get a bonus percentage of all the points you earn.

point club daily streak gamification screenshot

Rewards are given in the forms of gift cards or cash via PayPal. However, you must reach at least 25000 points ($25 dollar) in order to redeem the rewards.

point club reward options screenshot

Throughout the experience, I felt everything was designed to make me feel ‘fun’ about completing surveys and coming back to Point Club. And yes, they did a good job on that. I would not hesitate to say this is the best survey platform I’ve ever seen, IF THE SURVEY SYSTEM ACTUALLY WORKED.

First Survey…and pretty much the rest of them

This is my very first survey, I was excited to ‘start the survey’ and ‘off to success’!

point club first survey screenshot

‘I’m literally crying over here’. Okay, the first survey didn’t work out, that’s fine. Surprisingly I got 12 points to ‘ease the pain’, that made me feel slightly happier, to be honest.

first disqualification message screenshot

Things went downhill really fast: I didn’t qualify for the next survey, and the third, and the forth…after the 5th survey attempt of the day, you no longer get free points. So that’s 60 free points max per day, which is equivalent to 6 cents.

fifth disqualification message screenshot

Conclusion: Awesome design but doesn’t really work

For two days, I’ve tried more than a hundred surveys but did not qualify for any of them.
At this point, I have to conclude that: although I loved the theme and the design flow, Point Club is not a reliable source of achieving the ‘$250/month’ goal.



The initial register took me about 20-30 seconds, since it only required a name, an email, and a password.
Upon sign up, 2 SB (1 SwagBucks = 1 cent) is rewarded, and there is six immediate offers available to gain Swagbucks, each with an estimated timer

swagbucks tasklist screenshot

I went ahead and completed 4 of the 6 tasks and earned 72 cents in total. The other two tasks require you to spend your own money first, so I would not recommend it unless you were already in the market for these items.

Rewards and how to get them

The minimum requirement for redeeming rewards is 300 SB ($3 value), which is more feasible than most of the other survey sites. However, you cannot redeem to your PayPal and earn fiat currency. You can only redeem for Gift cards from Amazon or donate to charity.
In order to gain SB, Swagbucks mostly provides two different channels: watch videos and answer surveys

swagbucks rewards screenshot

OK, Let’s watch some Swagy Videos

This option was advertised as the easiest way to earn Swagbucks. However, watching a total of 20 videos of a total of 20 minutes will only give you about three Swagbucks(3 cents).
‘At least this is something I could do while watching TV!’ you might say, but here is the real issue: I kept getting a message which says Slow down! You may be viewing videos too rapidly to receive credit and will need to replay them Believe me, I got this message for almost every video and all I did was simply playing the video regularly. Each time the message appears, no points were given for that time.
Sorry about the immaturity, but at that point, I was literally shouting: “YOUR MOM NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN!”

swagbucks watching video screenshot

Moving on to the surveys

swagbucks gold survey list screenshot

It took me 20 minutes to find a survey that I qualified for under Gold surveys and finished the survey in 7 minutes to earn 5 Swagbucks. The questions were not complexed and not focused on one particular topic. It seems that the questions are used to attain broad information about the user to find more relevant surveys. For example, one of the surveys would ask what video games do you play, or what hobbies do you participate in?
After the first survey, I went on the adventure of finding another doable survey. I qualified for one out of seven surveys. If you do not qualify for a test it will tell you this:

swagbucks disqualification message screenshot

Conclusion: Legit, $1 per hour if you are dedicated…and lucky

Swagbucks is legit. Registration is simple, on-boarding process flows pretty nicely.
Depends on your personal details, one could reasonably expect to make 15-25 Swagbucks(15~25 cents) on average per survey which usually takes about 9-25 minutes to complete. The questions are not very complex.
Focus on gold surveys, they provide the best value out of other options offered by Swagbucks. The qualification rate is about 10% if your demographics are not at the extreme end of the spectrum.
Oh, and remember, no cash out option for Swagbucks, only gift cards and donation.

VIP Voice

VIP Voice banner screenshot

Register & Problems

It took me 5 minutes to register. The website responded that ‘Thank you for your interest in VIP voice, however, we are not accepting any new members at the moment.’ However, I was still able to log in (which I shouldn’t be able to) with my newly registered email and complete the onboarding process.

The site looks outdated, and the onboarding flow wasn’t very nice, but still relatively easy to follow and complete. It took me 20 minutes to fill out my profile information.

After a 20 minutes wait for the ‘activation email’, it finally arrived. However, once I clicked on the link, it displays an error message saying that ‘Thank you for your interest in VIP voice, however, we are not accepting any new members at the moment.’ So apparently, they indeed are NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW USERS at the moment. The fact that I was able to bypass the login check and still complete my profile details does suggest that the system might be buggy and insecure.

VIP voice unable to register screenshot

Final thoughts on the first three sites:

Two out of the three sites do not function properly, with the exception of Swagbucks, however, it is still most likely not worth your time.

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